The town of Ypres

Ieper - PanoramaIeper (Ypres) is a town in the southwestern part of the Belgian province of West Flanders (the so called ‘Westhoek’). The town counts some 35.000 inhabitants and is the sixth-biggest town of West Flanders. Ypres is also the chief town of the district of the same name and the biggest town of the Westhoek. Furthermore Ypres has the second-largest marketplace of Belgium. The nickname of Ypres is 'the Cats town' or, since the visit of pope John Paul II, 'City of Peace'.

Ieper - Lakenhalle - Gravure 1872Ypres is a city with a very rich and varied past. During the Middle Ages Ypres was a flourishing trading centre. In those days Ypres was one of the main Flemish cloth centres next to Bruges and Ghent. The impressive cloth hall bears witness to this golden age. Saint Martin’s cathedral and the splendid ramparts also date back to this period.

Ruïnes na Wereldoorlog I | 1919During the First World War the charming town was reduced to a heap of rubble. Ypres was almost entirely destroyed by four years of senseless violence. The citizens of Ypres rebuilt their city with respect for the past.

Ieper - Menenpoort - Last PostEvery evening at 8 pm precisely, the ‘Last Post’ has been sounded since 1928 under the imposing arches of the Menin Gate, in memory of the hundreds of thousands soldiers of the then British Empire and Allied Forces who fell in the Ypres Salient during the First World War. This Gate, shaped like a Roman triumphal arch, displays the names of 54.896 soldiers of the then British Empire missing in action.

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Ieper - Grote Markt Ieper - Lakenhalle, Nieuwerck en Kathedraal Ieper - Lakenhalle Ieper - Lakenhalle  Ieper - Nieuwerck Ieper - Vleeshuis

Ieper - Kasselrijgebouw Ieper - Gerechtsgebouw Ieper - Nieuw gerechtsgebouw Ieper - Sint-Maartenskathedraal Ieper - Sint-Maartenskathedraal Ieper - Menenpoort Ieper - Menenpoort Ieper - Menenpoort

Ieper - Rijselpoort Ieper - Rijselpoort Lille Gate | Ramparts Ieper - Vauban vestingen Ieper - Vauban Vestingen Ieper - Vispoort (met beeltenis Neptunus - 1714) Ieper - Vismarkt (2 overdekte verkoopsstanden)

Ieper - Vismarkt | Tolhuisje ("Minckhuisje") - 1899 Ieper - Steen der Tempeliers Ieper - Houten Huis Ieper - Huis Biebuyck (1544) Ieper - Veemarkt | Huis der Bootslieden (1629) Ieper: Veemarkt | Huis der Kooplieden (1623) Kattenstoet | Koningin Kattenstoet | Minneke Poes Kattenstoet | Cieper Kattenstoet | Pietje Pek Kattenstoet | Stadsnar