Daproverb in a nutshell


Daproverb desktop app 2.8.6

Daproverb desktop app 2.7.6 contains the following parts.


1 Dates

This worksheet contains the following types of date calculation.

  1. The number of days between two dates.
  2. The number of days from the starting date up to and including the final date
  3. Add / subtract a number of days to/from a date
  4. The day of the week
  5. The average date between two dates (including the final date)
  6. Date calculation concerning the appeal in criminal proceedings
    1. Final date for the service of appeal by the Public Prosecutor
    2. Latest possible date for the appeal session
    3. Final date for the lodgement of appeal by the accused
    4. Final date for the lodgement of appeal by the civil party
  7. The ten public holidays in Belgium (create calendar of)
  8. Monthly calendar
  9. Leap year
  10. Days left until the end of the year
  11. Final date for the lodgement of opposition by the accused against a judgement given by default (sheet “Dates 2”)
  12. Suspension of the preclusion of criminal proceedings by lapse of time during the extraordinary period for opposition (sheet “Dates 2”)
  13. Suspension of the preclusion of criminal proceedings by lapse of time during the cassation procedure (sheet “Dates 2”)
  14. The number of workdays from a date up to and including another date (sheet “Workdays”)
  15. The next workday after a date (sheet “Workdays”)
  16. Filing schedule (calculate filing periods according to art. 747 § 2 Gerechtelijk Wetboek (Judicial code)

2 Percentages calculation

The following percentage calculations can be done:

  1. Number A is how much % of number B?
  2. Number A is how much % more than number B?
  3. Number A is how much % less than numebr B?
  4. How much is number A plus B % of number A?
  5. How much is number A minus B % of number A?
  6. Number A is B% of which number?
  7. Amount > net exclusive VAT (gross amounts (VAT included) to net amounts (excluding VAT)

3 Legal assistance

The worksheet "Legal Assistance" enables the user to check easily if single persons without or with someone to support, married people or people living together fulfil the conditions as to the income limits for enjoying benefits of legal assistance.

You only have to enter the amount of the monthly income, if need be the number of persons to support and the amounts of extraordinary burden of debt, if any.

The result shows whether complete or partial gratuitous or no legal assistance at all can be granted.

In the case of partial gratuitous legal assistance the user has the possibility to obtain more details shown as a fraction or a percentage.


4 Interest calculation

This worksheet lets you calculate easily the interest on a matured debt.

The interest rate is variable and can be choosen freely.

The legal interest rate applying to civil and commercial affairs is already integrated in the program, and if desired simply can be choosen together with the matching periods and entered using a radio button.

If necessary several amounts of debts can be entered the interests can be calculated on.

If such is the case payments (with interests) can be deducted.

Attention: the payments are not imputed first on the interests, but on the principal, unlike what is stipulated in the art. 1254 Civil Code. For calculations under the art. 1254 Civil Code, the worksheet “Imputation of payments” must be used (see below).

New: just enabling a checkbox lets the user add to the worksheet in a fully automatic way the correct legal (variable) interest rates according to the period items of debt and advances.


5 Imputation of payments

According to the article 1254 Civil Code the debtor of a debt yielding interest or interest terms, without the creditor's agreement, cannot impute his payment on the principal rather than on the interest terms or the interests and the payment done on the principal and the interests, not discharging the whole debt, is imputed in the first place on the interests.

Without a specific tool calculating manually such imputations is very laborious.

This worksheet lets the user easily make those calculations according to the article 1254 Civil Code.

On a userform you only have to enter the following data:

  • dates of debt amounts and/or payments
  • debt amounts
  • payments
  • interst rates.

When clicking the Add button the data is written to the worksheet.

With the Calculate button the following columns are calculated in the blink of an eye:

  • days
  • principals
  • interests
  • imputations
  • balance.

The interest rate is variable and can be choosen freely.

The legal interest rate applying to civil and commercial affairs is already integrated in the program, and if desired simply can be choosen together with the matching periods and entered using a radio button.

New: just enabling a checkbox lets the user add to the worksheet in a fully automatic way the correct legal (variable) interest rates according to the period items of debt and advances.


6 Temporary invalidity / disability

The worksheet Temporary invalidity/disability lets the user easily calculate the moral damage, the pain damage and the household damage during the temporary invalidity/disability.

For each degree and matching period of invalidity/disability the duration (number of days) and the amounts are calculated and shown.

Finally the user gets the total of the amounts representing the real compensation for the whole duration of the invalidity/disability.

Moreover the user has the possibility to calculate the so called Weighted Average Date as starting date for the compensatory interest.


7 Permanent invalidity / disability

With the worksheet Permanent invalidity/disability the user can easily and quikcly calculate the mixt material and moral damage resulting from the permanent invalidity/disability based on the per point compensation by age category as indicated in the Indicative Table.

On the tab "data" you only have to enter the victim's age and the degree of the permanent invalidity/disability, add those data to the worksheet and click the button "Calculate".


8 Cosmetic damage

The worksheet cosmetic damage lets the user quickly and easily calculate the cosmetic damage, based on the compensation by age category according to the Julin scale (customary scale from 1 to 7) as indicated in the Indicative Table.

On the tab "Data" you only have to enter the victim's age and the mark on the scale from 1 to 7, add those data to the worksheet and click the button "Calculate".


9 Mortality and capitalization tables

The worksheet contains three parts:

  • Life expectancy
  • Certain interest (actual value of a certain interest of € 1 per year)
  • Actual value (of € 1 payable after n years).

The worksheet lets the user, without laborious investigations in all kinds of tables, find the life expectancy for a woman or a man on the basis of which the matching capitalization coefficient easily can be found by applying the table of the certain interest (annual or monthly payments).

Also in the same easy way the coefficients of the table of the actual value of 1 EUR payable after a certain period can be shown.

Four types of life expectancy can be choosen:

  • The life expectancy (or “average life expectancy”): which can be found in the mortality tables 2014 published by DGSEI (Directorate General Statistics and Economic Information of the Federal Public Service Economy).
  • The median life expectancy (or “probable life expectancy”): promoted by J. SCHRYVERS.
  • The prospective life expectancy – prospective tables J. SCHRYVERS – J.-P. AOUST – with the:
    • prospective life expectancy 2015
    • prospective median life expectancy 2015

Every year the worksheet is updated with the most recent statistical data.


10 Prostheses

The manual calculation of prostheses compensation is a laborious job, especially when the victim's life expectancy is long and the replacements of the prosthesis are frequent.

This worksheet takes that laborious calculation off the user's hands and lets her/him calculate easily and in a twinkling of the eye that compensation, after entering some data, such as gender, age, cost price of the prosthesis, replacement frequency, purchase date, judgement date, interest rate, and kind of life expectancy (see above, no 9).


11 Funeral costs

Calculate the funeral costs is not always easy, especially if those costs constitute an early expense.

This worksheet gives the user a simple means both to check if the funeral costs must be considered as an early expense, and to calculate that expense itself.

Capitalization of interests loss is applied here, not only because it lets you apply the customary and familiar capitalization tables instead of the actualization tables, but also because it gives you the possibility to refine the damage estimate, especially by properly splitting the damage in past and future damage.

For the calculation you can choose one of the four kinds of life expectancy mentioned above under no 9.


12 Own maintenance costs

In case of a fatal accident the user can easily determine the part of the costs of own maintenance of the victim to be deducted from the lost income. Statistical data is used from DGSEI (Directorate General Statistics and Economic Information of the Federal Public Service Economy) on household income and expenses from the most recent annual Household budget survey 2014. The calculation comes much closer to reality than the actual used fixed percentages, including the formula suggested by the Indicative table version 2012.


13 Recapitulation

The worksheet Recap not only lets the user make easily and quickly a recapitulation of the different items of loss, but also calculate and show the compensatory interest on those amounts up to the date of the judgement. Also the payed advances with interests up to the judgement can be deducted.

Attention: the advances properly are imputed first on the principal and then on the interests, unlike the law of obligations where according to the article 1254 Civil Code the payments first are imputed on the interests.

The practical proceeding consists in determing the total compensation plus the compensatory interest as from the starting date applying to each item of loss and then deducting from all that the advances plus interests as from the payment date.

New: just enabling a checkbox lets the user add to the worksheet in a fully automatic way the correct legal (variable) interest rates according to the period items of loss and advances.

Simply clicking the button “Copy to Word”, the table can be written to the Microsoft Word text editor and that way automatically being processed in the judgment draft.

So the user is able to sentence to a single amount (principal with interests, advances with interests deducted) and only the moratory interests are running from the date of the judgement.


14 Help topics

The program is provided with very extensive help topics which can be shown at once with a simple mouse click from within the program itself.