Daproverb - the program


What is it?

Initially Daproverb was a Microsoft Excel workbook for working easier with dates, percentages, damages, interests and legal assistance. Actually Daproverb exists exclusively as an independant Windows desktop application.

Here you see an image of the homepage (Excel workbook) and of the homepage (desktop program).

The Excel version of the program was developed with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) while the desktop version is created with Visual Basic.

The development has started in 2003 and until now the program has steadily been updated.

More about all that you'll find in the 'Preface' of the Online help.



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Version history

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Online manual

You can refer to the online manual of the program if you click on Online manual (this text is only available in the Dutch language).


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If you have problems with the program, please first check if you can find the solution on the FAQ's page of this website,else please contact me.



You find the most recent petty facts about Daproverb in my blog.