Daproverb 11.5.0 released


Daproverb 11.5.0 has been released.

New component

A new worksheet "Filing schedule" has been added. It lets the user calculate filing periods according to art. 747 § 2 Gerechtelijk Wetboek (Judicial code) and if desired insert a letter or a decision including the calendar in MS Word.


The worksheet "Date calculation concerning the appeal in criminal proceedings" has been changed.

In the worksheet "Legal Assistance" the amounts on the basis of the living wages as of 1/06/2016 are updated and also the amounts of the income limits as of 1/09/2016 are updated (Belgian Law Gazette 31/8/2016).

The worksheets "Tables", "Prostheses" and "Funeral costs" are updated with new recent data for life expectancy calculation (see below).

The most recent mortality tables of 2015 are used now, instead of those of 2014 used in the previous program version.

The manual has been updated.