Daproverb 11.4.1 available


The newest version of Daproverb (11.4.1) is now availabel through the Downloads page.


An error has been fixed in the French installation program: it was not possible to finish setup properly because Administrator is not a valid user or group (in the French operating system).

An error has been fixed in the French worksheet Calculation of interest: it was not possible to add data to the worksheet through the userform.


The worksheets "Tables", "Prostheses" and "Funeral costs" are updated with new recent data for life expectancy calculation (see below).

The data from the newest prosepective tables 2016 from J. SCHRYVERS and J.-P. AOUST are added. Those new tables contain the prospective life expectancy 2016 and the prospective median life expectancy 2016.

The worksheets "Calculation of interest", "Imputation" and "Recapitulation" are updated with the most recent legal interest rates (Civil cases: year 2016: 2,25%).