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Jacques Deseure

Deseure Jacques

Honaray vice-chairman of the court of first instance Ypres.

  • Born on 2nd march 1944.
  • Married. 1 daughter en 1 little granddaughter.
  • Lives in Ieper (Ypres - West Flanders).


  • Classics at the State secondary school of Ypres
  • Master of Laws (1967) Free University of Brussels (VUB)


Represented the Justice FPS in: the High Council for Traffic Safety; the subcommission "Traffic law and Transport law" of the Central Commission "Legal terminological Dictionary" of the BENELUX ECONOMIC UNION; the Subcommission nr. X "Penal Aspects of Drug Abuse" of The European Committee on Crime Problems" (E.C.C.P.) of the COUNCIL OF EUROPE (later "The Committee of Experts"); the Interdepartemental study group for prevention and abatement of the capital crime (hold-ups); the study group Central Criminal Record; in Benelux context the activities for the "Draft Treaty on the Transfer of Proceedings in Criminal Matters" and the "Treaty on the Execution of Judicial Decisions in Criminal Matters".
Was among other things substitute examining magistrate, judge in the magistrate's court for criminal cases, chairman in the criminal court with three judges, chairman of hearing in chambers in criminal cases, chairman in the civil court with three judges, judge treating the requests for legal assistance.
  • Credoc vzw (Center for Law Documentation): analyst-documentalist (1968 - 1969).
  • Ministry of Justice (actually Justice FPS*): ministerial secretary at the Directorate-General Legislation, section Criminal law (1969 - 1972). Most important accomplished tasks.
  • Deputy public prosecutor at the court of first instance of Ypres (1972 - 1978).
  • Judge in the court of first instance of Ypres (1978 - 1998).
  • Vice-chairman in the court of first instance of Ypres (1998 - 2004). Held duties.
  • Chairman of the Probation committee of the judicial district of Ypres (1990 - 2000).
  • Was deputy member of the Recruitment Board for Magistrates (from 1992).
  • Was Member of the editorial staf of the West-Flemish Jurisprudence Journal.
  • Was Teacher professional training for the stagiar(e)s from the bars of Ypres and Courtrai (subjects Criminal Procedure and Porbation).
  • Retired on 30/4/2004.

(*) FPS means Federal Public Service



Everything regarding personal computers and informatics.
E.g. development and updates of the program Daproverb with VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) and VB (Visual Basic).

Translation in the Dutch language of software (such as jv16 PowerTools from Macecraft Software.